Thursday, March 12, 2009

Big Knitting Needles or Small Knitting Needles? What Will it Be?

Here's the good ideas Tiff from Analog Buttons suggested! Thank you so much. Guess I was thinking Easter and spring instead of April showers. So now I will find a fitting pattern or design. Maybe something using a chunky yarn using large needles or maybe a knitted shawl or scarf using smaller needles and lighter weight yarn.

How about:

  • April - Showers
  • May - Flowers
  • June -
  • July -
  • August -
  • September -
  • October -
  • November -
  • December -

Keep the ideas coming. I finally found my mismatched socks I knitted so will get a photo taken and get them posted so you can see them. The ones I posted a few days ago using the Red Heart & Sole yarn are so much prettier. The yarn I used was not supposed to automatically stripe which is pretty evident when you seen them. I still think they're ugly! Wait till you see!

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