Saturday, March 7, 2009

Free Shamrock Crochet Pattern for March

Well, I found my favorite shamrock pattern. I was so happy to find the printed pattern and then also find the web site. The author requests I only submit the URL here but that's wonderful of her to share it this way. Here's a photo so you can tell if you'd like to make them up. I used to make a bunch of them for my Mother to hand out to her friends. Our family name is O'Shea!

The pattern can be found at

Hope you find this a great way to start out our first month blogging togethr. I'm hoping for some comments. Thanks and happy St. Patrick's Day and crochetng your shamrock pin!



Annie said...

Hi Kathy. Thanks for visiting my blog. And thanks for this link. I love good patterns for thread crochet motifs.

Arts and Crafts dot COM said...

Hi Annie and thank yo so much for becoming one of my followers. There'll be more free crochet patterns on my blog and I will cerainly include more thread motifs. Come back often!

irene said...

sorry but a shamrock has only 3 leaves, this is a four leaf clover.(and I'm 100 % Irish so I know!).