Friday, January 16, 2009

Knitters find themselves to be considered savers and experienced savers at that. If you’re like me, you check out every sale and every store scouting out the best prices and the newest colors and yarns available. We’ll make our purchase, leave that particular check-out and go back through just to be able to use two coupons at the same store! Have you seen some of the new yarns today? Have you felt them? The textures are to die for!

Ok, you find all those wonderful fibers at wonderful prices. The typical knitter buys their stash and then takes it home and stores it someplace. It’s a game we all play but shouldn’t. We should dig that stash out and use it! What are we saving it for? Ok, maybe you’ve stashed it away so good, you can’t find it. Hey, and then when you DO find it, is a wonderful surprise!

Ok, you found your stash. Now what? Feel it, squeeze it, smell it. Dream about what you can create with it. What would that particular yarn be best used for? Wait, did you buy enough? That’s a problem sometimes, too, so take that into consideration. Don’t think too hard about it or you’ll be putting that yarn right back where you found it…..unused! Just think, if you’d use it, you can go buy more!

Have you ever taken that skein of yarn and after squeezing it and smelling it, decided what you want to make with it, finding out you don’t have quite enough; don’t dispare! Many yarns can be combined with other yarns of the same thickness or need the same type of care. Don’t forget that yarns you use need the same care when combined with other yarns to keep your garment or project easy to clean and care for. Let your imagination fly. Different yarns can create stripes or maybe contrasting cuffs or bands.

Don’t hang on to your yarns too long. They can deteriorate and even get moldy if not properly stored. And some yarns do get outdated in they’r look. Remember trendy yarns come and go.

We don’t know what yarns are coming up in the next season so use that yarn and enjoy your project now. It’s most certain that newer yarns and textures will come along and that their place so get it out and use it.

Another thing that dates a yarn, is it’s color or color combination. If you ever get to see a manufacturers sample card take a close look at the colors that are featured first or as their “new” colors and their combinations. What colors are placed together? They have already figured it out for you as to what colors go well together. I always like to use colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. Check that out.

There are some classic yarns and yarn types that’ll always be “in style” for common projects like afghans but remember home décor changes, too. But don’t forget that older yarns don’t make a great fashion statement. Use that yarn before you find yourself sitting for that yarn and/or color to make a comeback. Then was that such a good bargain?

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