Sunday, April 10, 2016

Low Carbing It

I've kind of gotten off the arts and crafts theme here but I'm hungry.  Why does Sunday make me a bottomless pit?  And why do I think it's ok.

I didn't hear from anyone about any favorite low carb foods I can get but that's ok.  I know eggs are low carb, and cheese, and veggies.  Maybe I could make an egg and cheese dip or something and eat it with my veggies.  hmmmm sounds like cooking again but also sounds good.

I am going to check out's made with beans but maybe the fiber cuts down on the carbs.  Know what I mean?

Friday, April 8, 2016

Pinterest, Silver Sneakers, Low Carb Eating

Between my art work and my Etsy shop, I'm trying to learn how to eat healthier.  I'm not doing very good.

I HAVE added 3 days of exercise a week and each is 1 hour long.  I do yoga on Monday and Tuesday and Thursday I do some weight exercises.  I've been doing that for about 2 months and it feels good!  It's called Silver Sneakers and it's FREE!

I want to eat less carbs, less is easy but cutting out bread, pasta and crackers is really difficult for me.  I need some really good low carb ideas.  

Low carb easy to make ideas.........easy recipes.  I hate cooking and love to just grab and eat.  Who invented meals anyway.

I think I'll check Pinterest.  Help!  Anyone with any good ideas?  Anyone else want easy "meals"?

OK, guess it's time to go cook, ick!