Monday, August 17, 2015

Dreyers' New Frozen Custard!

Have you tried Dreyer's New Frozen Custard yet?  The pictures show just one delicious way to serve this outstanding new cold cream dessert!  If you have a birthday party, friends coming over for dinner, or just want something delicious for your family, you must try this new frozen custard by Dreyer's.
I have tried two of the flavors, the chocolate malt and the Old Fashioned Vanilla.  I love chocolate and I decided the vanilla would go perfect with fruit or hot apple pie or any hot fruit pie.  OH, the Snickerdoodle Frozen Custard as shown above!  The flavors are so pure and rich and I can't wait to try more.  Actually, I'm out of Dreyer's Frozen Custard right now so it is at the top of the grocery list for my next trip to the store.
If anyone wants or needs a coupon, I have $1.00 off coupons.  Just a few left.  Being a BzzAgent has been an awesome undertaking and I can't wait to see what my next assignment will be. 
If interested in becoming a BzzAgent, just use my link to sign up.

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