Friday, May 15, 2015

Watercolor Art Work

This is another watercolor I did in a class.  What we did was make a black and white color copy and then traced all the black areas.  Then those areas were filled in with ink.  You can see some of my ink dried dull and some not so dull.  The rest was watercolor painting.  This picture was taken on a hike while on vacation in Maui, Hawaii.  It was a very fun class and I was amazed it was "OK" to trace.  She was an artist in many galleries in the Kirkland, WA area at the time so guess it isn't a bad thing to do.  

This one was done about the same time I did the hollyhocks.  I was actually painting on silk at the time and this was a pattern I drew up for silk painting and then used it for watercolor.  I love love love it!  

Now I need to go design another composition for my next watercolor.

Have a fun day!


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