Thursday, May 14, 2015

Art Work to Share

I can't believe it's been almost one whole year since I last posted any of my art.  Or posted at all!  Where has the year gone?  I've done a lot of art work but guess I've been too lazy to share it.

Where do I begin?  I hate posts that go on and on with huge long paragraphs.  I get bored.  I see that and won't even read it!  I wonder how many are like me that way.  So you hopefully, will never find that here.

I think I have to go back to my bead making days.  I love making paper beads but my box is overflowing with them and I can't use them all so I stopped.

So here's my watercolor paintings, just two of them for now.

This is my favorite flower or the one I remember when I was a child.  We actually were afraid of going near them because the really do attack bees.  These are my hollyhocks.  I didn't realize till recently, I love love love vibrant colors.  Some of that is coming.

This painting was done several years ago when I went to a watercolor class, which I forgot I attended.  Must have been in the 90s and it looks like our assignment was do paint a doorway.

Come back often and see more.  I promise I"ll post more often.  Have an awesome day.

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