Sunday, March 30, 2014

Seed Beed Ankle Bracelets

To pass my time and use up some seed beads, I did a search on seed bead ankle bracelets and came up with this:
(I should have turned the photo) They were fun and once I got past the first one, they went very quickly.  You can find the pattern on youtube by searching beaded ankle bracelets.  I'd give you the link but I downloaded it to my desktop and no longer have it.  She's with Off The Beaded Path.

I made a few other strung jewelry pieces that I"ll get photos of and post soon.  

Today I'm making paper beads again.  I found an outstanding Facebook page HERE  

You'll find the website for these beads below HERE

I really want to make these!  Paper sure can be a fun hobby.........LOVE IT!crafttestdummies_faux_lampwork_beads

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