Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beautiful Pendant Crocheted Necklace

Beautiful Pendant Crochet Necklace was just listed in my Etsy Shop

Price was $16.00 SALE NOW priced at $12.00 THAT'S 25% off!!!

I created this necklace with a polished rock pendant I found while in Quartzsite, AZ. So many wonderful bead shops there! 

This dark gray (grey) polished rock has some beautiful swirl affects and goes beautifully with the clear glass cubes and fresh water pearls. The pearls are gold and silver/black. Stunningly crocheted with pearl cotton crochet thread by DMC.

Please let me know if you'd prefer priority shipping.

41" long and with the pendant about 43" long. 
16 fresh water pearls

What do you think?  Is the price too high?  I've discounted 25%!  Do you like the pendant and would you like to see more pendants? OR some other type of jewelry?

Crochet jewelry and filet crochet patterns!!!

New posts in my other blogs!  Check out the new jewelry items and filet crochet patterns in my Etsy Shop.

Pins Needles and Gems

Let me know what you think?

Is the price too high?

Do you like this particular necklace?

What don't you like about it?


Friday, May 20, 2011

Knit Crochet Patterns and Where have I been!?

Knitting and crocheting is still my passion but some how some way, I got away, too far away, from all my blogs and I truly hope to be back in the swing of things once again and will stay that way.

Lots has happened and I hope you check out my other blogs that I've updated recently.
Knit and Crochet Pattern Chat  is one of them.

Today I found Christal and her website where she offers many free patterns for you.  Please check out her
website called Christal's Crochet Creations  And make sure you leave a little thank you for her and tell her how you found her website.

Here's another Christal that loves to share.  Check out her website (could be the same Christal) and make sure you leave a thank you and tell her how you found her website.  Christal's Crochet.

We all love photos so here's a few of Christal's work:

Tiny Wheels
Tiny Wheels

Big Feet Pup

Teddy Bear Square
Check out her website for the patterns.  I don't know much about Christal but I do know she's one talented lady that loves to share.