Sunday, October 19, 2008

RVing Fulltime?? YES!! Have even more time to CROCHET!!

It has been quite some time since I last posted and there's a really good reason! We have been out in our motorhome having the time of our lives. If you ever have wanted to do this, you MUST give it a try. You really must.

Can you just imagine how much time you would have to crochet and knit if you were out RVing and didn't have to worry about the day-t-day things? You can crochet to your hearts content! You can crochet while "he's" driving, you can crochet while "he's" fishing! lol and you can crochet while "he's" watching that yet another war story on TV!! Can't even feel guilty having all that time to crochet!

Because of the gas prices we HAVE stayed close to home and instead of going out every weekend, we've stayed for a week at a time. Weekends are busy times for RV resorts and since we're retired ee can go anytime we'd like to go and stay as long as we want. The farthest we've gone from home is just under 70 miles.

As you can tell, if you've spent any time on my blog, that I have quite afew interests. I used to have and do a lot more but we downsized and our new house just couldn't accomodate all my crafting supplies! It was time to zero in on my most favorite ones anyway.

RVing in our motorhome has become our latest big interest. It was fun purchasing, if anyone has ay questions about that, just let me know, and has been fun fixing and cleaning and stocking. I'm full of ideas if anyone needs some help and have the save desires as we do. I know lots of web sites and links where you can get tons of informtion. We also renewed our resort membership with Coast to Coast which gives us lots of beautiful and not so beautiful resorts at a very low nightly fee.

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