Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tole Painting

Make sure you click on the photos to enlarge and see the detail

Some of my tole painted designs were published some were not. This first photo of the lighthouse and fuzzy animals was not published as they are not my personal designs. But I sure enjoyed painting them.

This next one is the design I created to become a certified Craft Designer. I had to create the design and write the instructions. I used a wood box, acrylic paint, decoupage paper and polymer clay for the embellishments on the outside. I used thread and decoupagepaper to embellish the inside. I did pass the test!

Remember the craft show craze? I was right in there with the best of them. I created and sold many many tole painted items in bazaars from small to large! I consigned and sold on Eay! This is just one. I will post more later.

All my designs are copyrighted and not for reproduction without my consent. You may use my idea for your own use but not for resale. copyright 2008

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