Sunday, February 3, 2008

Teal Green Blue Illusion Knit Drawstring Tote

This tote is knitted using my own illusion knit pattern I call Double Diamonds. I used a combination of two acrylic yarns and crocheted the top ripple edge for the drawstring. Drawstring is adjustable and was crocheted. The tote measures approximately 18" X 13.5". The back and lining is a navy blue polar fleece fabric. Completely machine washable in cold water, dry low.
Price: $25.00 Shipping: USPS priority Click on photos to enlarge

All my designs are copyrighted and not for reproduction without my consent. You may use my idea for your own use but not for resale. copyright 2008

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Alive and Well said...

Do you mean I can't sell your pattern, which I would never do... or do you mean if I make somehing from your pattern that I can't sell what I made??? Without your permission? Just wondeing.... It's so cute!