Thursday, February 7, 2008

Knitting and Loom Knitting

This is a little childs hat I knitted on a Knifter Knitter loom. It's for my friends little girl.
This next one is for my grandson. I haven't seen him for awhile so next time I do, I'll get a picture of him wearing it. Here he is wearing the sweater and mittens I made him for Christmas. Little kids are confused when you attach their mittens to string! Rememer your Mom doing that? I grew up in Minnesota and my kids in Monata so they knew why the mittens are on strings. Ethan is going on 2.
These are my wristwarmers knitted with needles not on a loom. The pattern was on the Net someplace.
This little hat was done with needles and is called the Julia Roberts hat. I added the fun fur instead of using regular yarn just to make it fun and match a purse I made.
This is a shrug made on the largest Knifty Knitter loom. It's hard to wear it and take a picture at the same time so I had to lay it down. It's made with a yarn I picked up at JoAnns without a label or at least I've lost the label but I do know it's got some wool in it.
I have lots of crocheted thing to post one of these days. So come back often.

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