Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Original Acrylic Portrait Paintings

Another one of my favorite things to do is portrait painting. I hand paint the photo portrait on heavy watercolor paper or stretched canvases. I paint the portaits in values of black usually but can do any color. They look great set up on an art easel, also. They're best viewed from a distance but you have to move in close to check out what's going on.This particular one is of my Mother and her siblings. This photo was taken back in the 1930s.

This one is my Mother. Isn't she beautiful!? Reminds me of the movie Titanic. She was probably around late teens to early 20s in this photo/painting. This one in particular looks 100% better if you stand back so your eyes let the colors blend.
This one is of my Mother-in-Law when she was in her early 20s.

The next one is my Father-in-law obviously in his WWII uniform. It's fun to do other types of paintings as well.

If you're interested in having a photo painted of your loved one; Mom, Dad, Grandparent or favorite pet, let me know. They can be done on heavy watercolor paper and framed very nicely. Usually, I charge $89 for 11" X 18" on heavy watercolor paper. That includes shipping priority. ALSO, if you'd rather paint it yourself, I can easily create the pattern for you and you can transfer it to your own canvas and paint it yoursel!

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