Tuesday, August 28, 2007

FREE Double Diamond Illusion Shadow Knit Tote

Well, let's see if this works. I have been playing around trying to get photos on my blog and think I'm doing ok. Let's see if this Free pattern will download and you can use it! I know it's small but you could probably print it out and enlarge it for yourselves. If anyone wants the written instructions, let me know and I can email them to you. Happy knitting and let me know and see what you're making!


Susan said...

Hi Kathy, It's Susan from illusion knitting group, I'd love to have your email the pattern and chart, my email is sbruvall@telus.net. I didn't want to put it out on the entire group site.

Kathy said...


I'll send it now. I just saw your request. HOpe you enjoy the pattern and do me a favor. If you use the written pattern, let me now if there's any errors as I used the chart when I knitted this one. Thanks for liking my pattern. That's the greatest form of flattery! Kathy

Lisascraftroom said...

I would love it if you sent this to me in directions form. Looks like a great challenge and fun!

MJ said...

Hi I would love to have a copy of this pattern, it looks challenging.
Thanks so much

knit and crochet pattern chat said...

Here's the link to the written instructions and chart:



Thank you for being so interested. It feels good when someone loves my designs.