Tuesday, April 21, 2009

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I am back. I have had some serious computer problems the last few days but with a new laptop in hand, I'm back to start posting and sharing some new free patterns.

I have May flowers coming to my other blog Knit and Crochet Pattern Chat. I'd like to do the same thing here with some crafting ideas.

Come back soon, join my followers and don't be afraid to leave a comment. Don't forget to check out my blog called Full Time RV Travel Fun! I hope to share recipes and tips on storage, travel, fun places to see, etc.

UPDATE:  We are home again and are in Washington for the summer.  I am going to post as many projects on the blog as I can.  Living in a motorhome really limits the amount of supplies you can fit in and I'm trying constantly to convince my husband that I really need all my supplies to be creative.  I've been knitting socks and now knitting with wool yarns so I can felt the panels and make some nice felted wool fabric pieces to use for my pincushions and I want to make some tea cozies.  Christmas is just around the corner again!

Monday, April 13, 2009

You might be interested in what's going on on my blog Knit and Crochet Pattern Chat. I have pictures and updates on my latest crochet pattern project called the Lorenz Manifold.

See it here: Knit and Crochet Pattern Chat.

Update:  This project didn't work for me and was trashed.  I just couldn't figure out how to shape it with the wires, etc. that they suggested to use.  I even had my engineer husband to help and guess what's needed is a mathematical brain not a creative brain!  LOL

At least I enjoy crocheting the whole thing, had the extra thread and didn't mind throwing it out.  They say even Picasso didn't paint a masterpiece every time.

If you google Lorenz Manifold, you'll see the people that were able to finish the project.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Big Knitting Needles or Small Knitting Needles? What Will it Be?

Here's the good ideas Tiff from Analog Buttons suggested! Thank you so much. Guess I was thinking Easter and spring instead of April showers. So now I will find a fitting pattern or design. Maybe something using a chunky yarn using large needles or maybe a knitted shawl or scarf using smaller needles and lighter weight yarn.

How about:

  • April - Showers
  • May - Flowers
  • June -
  • July -
  • August -
  • September -
  • October -
  • November -
  • December -

Keep the ideas coming. I finally found my mismatched socks I knitted so will get a photo taken and get them posted so you can see them. The ones I posted a few days ago using the Red Heart & Sole yarn are so much prettier. The yarn I used was not supposed to automatically stripe which is pretty evident when you seen them. I still think they're ugly! Wait till you see!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Look What You Can Make with Your Scrap Red Heart Worsted Yarn !

I made this medallion afghan with all my scraps of Red Heart Worsted weight yarns. Over the years, I accummulated lots of different colors as I'm sure you have, too.

If you know how, the medallions can be joined together as you crochet that last row so there's no putting it all together when your done. The medallions are round but when putting them together in the last row, think of them as having four sides and you'll do fine. They're attached in two places on each side. Remember, think in terms of it being square. And then, the spaces in between the large medallions are small medallions that aren't sewn in either but you pick up stitches from each medallion around; again in two places. Really neat. Not super warm but looks wonderful on a sofa or chair!

I don't remember, I'm terribly sorry, where this particular pattern came from. I'm pretty sure it was an Annie's Attic pattern from years ago. Remember the little pattern magazine/book? There's one from Annie's Attic on their web sie but it's not free.

I edged as much as I could with black. The black gives it more of a stained glass look. And the Annie's Attic pattern doesn't put the small medallions in between. Here's the free pattern: Freepatterns.com What you have to do is click on the "link", then click on "crochet", "Afghans & Throws", "Traditional Patterns & Techniques" and you'll find the pattern in the top row far right called Arabesque Afghan. You'll have to register to get the free pattern but that's free and easy. The pattern is a pdf file and begins on page 2.

If you have any questions, let me know. It's a fun project and can almost be done with no pattern. I want to show you that you CAN create beautiful projects with acrylic yarns and you don't have to use the expensive brands. Anyway, just think of open work medallions instead of squares and you'll get that wonderful lace shawl look. Pretty, huh? Just think of the possibilities.

That brings me to another idea. When you see a pattern you love and just have to make, look closely to see just what it is about the pattern you love. If it's definitely the color, then make sure you use that color and you'll love your finished project. Most of the time we love something for it's color more than the style. Color can create a feeling, too.

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Enjoy !!

Analog Buttons - Your source for the lowest price on custom 1" buttons said...
I have been looking for the easiest of easy patterns for a woobie and this one looks really cute but very hard. I am a lefty that doesnt have much time with my business taking out from under me. Is this an easy one to start and stop if I need to?

Sorry for all the questions :)

March 12, 2009 3:48 PM
Artsand Crafts dot COM said...

I'm not sure what a woobie is. I'm thinking an afghan or laprobe type blanket? This one certainly is a "take-with-you" type project until it get huge that is. But if you know how to make a medallion, you've got it made! Do you have any help there?

Thank you for commenting and joing my followers. Kathy

March 12, 2009 5:24 PM
Analog Buttons - Your source for the lowest price on custom 1" buttons said...
Sorry about that woobie is like a afgan. I don't have any help here where I am. We have just moved back to Oklahoma from Hawaii. I'll watch some you tube and see what I can find.

I miss Seattle. I lived in West Seattle for some time.

Tiff :)

March 13, 2009 11:31 AM
Arts and Crafts dot COM said...
Tiff, I'm not sure I could help you via internet with something like the medallion afghan but you could always make block or squares instead and then sew them together.

I have been wanting to change my blog URL and name and think I should do it asap before I wait too long. What do you think? I know people do it all the time. Thanks for your help. You could email me if you'd like.

March 13, 2009 2:30 PM

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sock it To Me! Red Heart & Sole Sock Pattern FREE

I know sometimes I'm just a little behind everyone but I must share with everyone what I found while searching on the Coats and Clark web site. I personally got on the band wagon when it came to the "knitting sock" thing awhile ago and paid $14 for a pair of socks that turned out really nice but even though I made sure the two skeins of yarn I purchased had the same dye lot, they sure don't look the same to me. A big disappointment when I paid so much and the only thing I could do was return the yarn BUT I had already spent so much time creating the first one and was halfway down the top when it was discovered. The pattern calls for 2 - 3 skeins depending on the size. Linda's prices are so reasonable, instead of $14 for a pair of socks, you can get the yarn for under $10!

Coats and Clark's Red Heart yarns has a wonderful yarn for socks. It's called Heart & Sole. So cute, huh? It's permeated with all the wonderful properties of aloe vera which helps the yarn glide smoothly on the needles and/or hook. This yarn can also be used for childrens wear, home decor and many accessories. The best thing EVER is that this yarn automatically stripes like the expensive yarns! How cool is that?!

Don't forget this yarn is available at Linda's Yarn Store at http://www.lindasyarnstore.com/ She has a big selection of Coats and Clark Heart & Sole yarns.

or Heart & Sole self-striping sock pattern
There's also a crocheted version and the pattern is link is here: http://www.knitandcrochettoday.com/episodes/pdf/KTV2005C.pdf

They look a little bulkier but sure are cute!

Please don't forget to become one of my followers, leave a comment or email me. I looking forward to chatting with everyone.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Favorite Red Heart Yarn Project

Here's one of my favorite Red Heart Yarn projects. If anyone is interested, I can locate the pattern for you but I can guarantee you it was a free one. That's my youngest grandson who is now going on 3 years old so this was knitted a couple Christmases ago. He makes a very good model, don't you think?

There's many many wonderful patterns out there that can make your inexpensive yarns look terrific if used in a different way. Sometimes you have to think outside of the box. Someone did here with the use of just knit and purl and the combination of the two stitches. The color combination was by my design.

My next post I'm going to list my top 10 favorite Red Heart Yarns.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Free Shamrock Crochet Pattern for March

Well, I found my favorite shamrock pattern. I was so happy to find the printed pattern and then also find the web site. The author requests I only submit the URL here but that's wonderful of her to share it this way. Here's a photo so you can tell if you'd like to make them up. I used to make a bunch of them for my Mother to hand out to her friends. Our family name is O'Shea!

The pattern can be found at http://www.fortunecity.com/millenium/abbeydale/183/clover.htm

Hope you find this a great way to start out our first month blogging togethr. I'm hoping for some comments. Thanks and happy St. Patrick's Day and crochetng your shamrock pin!


Great Blog Ideas ~ Tell Me What You Want to See Here

I just had a wonderful idea since this isn't just my blog but yours, too. Write and tell me what you would like to see here. Blogs were originally meant to be a place to socialize so please use the comment section if you'd like.

Anyway, I was thinking about having a different theme every month. Being it's March, maybe we can do a March Madness or St.Patty's Day pattern. I have a cute shamrock crochet pattern I will find and post it.

How about

Should we have patterns or contests or something else or all of the above? I can offer free patterns to the winner and maybe round up other prizes from sponsors! This is sounding more fun all the time!

Maybe April could be "pastel ideas", May could be "sprouting ideas" as in flowers, June could be "summr's coming", July the 4th, of course,etc. etc. I you can think of anything, please let me know.

I'll start working on March right away. Come back and see what I've come up with.


New Knitting Blog on the Block

Welcome to my blog! I feel it's more like "welcome home!" You have found a place you can come and share your ideas and tips with other creative people. Please, take time to ready my profile and check out my favorite blogs and web sites. And please, don't hesitate to make a comment or email me with more ideas on what you would like to see here. This is OUR blog!

It is my intention to show you that knitting with inexpensive acrylic yarns can be just as beautiful as knitting with the expensive natural fibers and mixed fiber yarns. We can create beautiful items we can be proud of. Stay tuned for my ideas on doing just that.

For years I knitted with Red Heart yarns (Please visit Lindasyarnstore.com for a full range of Red Heart Yarns) and loved everything I created. The durability and vast assortment of colors and types of yarns is wonderful and with todays economy they allow us to continue our beloved hobbies: knitting and crocheting. It's ok if anyone wants to discuss other forms of creating. I know there's weaving and loom knitting along with some of the old and new gadgets there are to use like hairpin lace and those daisy makers. Let's all get together and keep our love of creating going dispite the economy.

Tell all your friends about this new blog you've found and invite them to join us.

Thank you for stopping by and hope you come back often.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Finished Sizes and Thread Suggestions for "Sayings" Filet Crochet Patterns

Sizes and yarn/thread suggestions for each filet "Sayings" crochet pattern:

A is for Angel:

Crochet Cotton size 5 24.7" X 45.3"
Crochet Cotton siz 10 20.5" X 35.8"
Crochet Cotton size 20 19.6" X 34.3"
Crochet Cotton size 30 18.7" X 3.9"
fingering/baby weight yarn 62.3" X 103"
Sport weight yarn 71.2 X 117.3"
Worsted weight yarn 80.1" X 131.6"

A Cluttered Desk......
Crochet Cotton size 5 37.4" X 26.9"
Crochet Cotton size 10 31.4" X 21.2"
Crochet Cotton size 20 29.7" X 20.4"
Crochet Cotton size 30 28.3" X 19.6"
Fingering/Baby weight yarn 94.5" X 61.2"
Sport Weight yarn 108" X 69.7"
Worsted weight yarn 121.5" X 78.2"

We May not have it all...............
Crochet Cotton size 5 42.1" X 25.4"
Crochet Cotton size 10 35" X 30"
Crochet Cotton size 20 33.4" X 19.2"
Crochet Cottn size 30 31,9" X 18.4"
Fingering/Baby weight yarn 106.4" X 57.6
Sport weight yarn 121.6" X 65.6
Worsted weight yarn 136.8" X 73.6"

Bless Our Home
Crochet Cotton size 5 47.6" X 23.1"
Crochet Cotton size 10 39.6" X 18.2"
Crochet Cotton size 20 37.8" X 17.5"
Crochet Cotton size 30 36.1" X 16.8"
Fingering/baby weight yarn 120.4" X 52.6"
Sport weight yarn 137.6" X 59.9"
Worsted weight yarn 154.8" X 67.2"

When a Baby is born............
Crochet Cotton size 5 53.5" X 29.8"
Crochet Cotton size 10 44.4" X 23.5"
Crochet Cotton size 20 4.5" X 22.6"
Crochet Cotton size 30 40.5" X 22.6"
Fingering/baby weight yarn 135.1" X 67.7"
Sport weight yarn 154" X 77.1"
Worsted weight yarn 173.7" X 86.5"

He Who Stuffeth...............
Crochet Cotton size 5 39.9" X 80.5"
Crochet Cotton size 10 33.1" X 63.5"
Crochet Cotton size 20 31.7" X 61.0"
Crochet Cotton size 30 30.2" X 58.4"
Fingering/baby weight yarn 100.8" X 182.9"
Sport weight yarn 115.2" X 208.3"
Worsted weight yarn 129.6" X 233.7"

I Dig Gardening
Crochet Cotton size 5 46.8" X 26.3"
Crochet Cotton size 10 38.9" X 20.8"
Crochet Cotton size 20 37.2" X 19.9"
Crochet Cotton size 30 35.5" X 19.1"
Fingering/baby weight yarn 118.3" X 59.8"
Sport weight yarn 135.2" X 68.1"
Worsted weight yarn 152.1" X 76.4"

I Got Out of Bed............
Crochet Cotton size 5 51.5" X 38.7"
Crochet Cotton size 10 42.8"X 30.5"
Crochet Cotton size 20 40.9" X 29.3"
Crochet Cotton size 30 31.9" X 28.1"
Fingering/baby weight yarn 130.2" X 87.8"
Sport weight yarn 148.8" X 100.0"
Worsted weight yarn 167.4" X 112.2"

I Love you a Latte
Crochet Cotton size 5 28" X 28"Crochet
Cotton size 10 23 X 22"
Crochet Cotton size 20 22" X 21.5"
Crochet Cotton size 30 21" X 20.5"
Fingering/baby weight yarn 70" X 64"
Sport weight yarn 80" X 73"
Woseted weight yarn 90" X 82"

Mirror Mirror.......
Crochet Cotton size 5 36" X 60"
Crochet Cotton size 10 30" X 47.5"
Crochet Cotton size 20 28.6" X 45.6"
Crochet Cotton size 30 27.3" X 43.7"
Fingering/baby yarn weight 91" X 136.8"
Sport weight yarn 104" X 155.8"
Worsted weight yarn 117" X 175"

Powder Room
Crochet Cotton size 5 42.4" X 17.8"
Crochet Cotton size 10 35" X 14"
Crochet Cotton size 20 33" X 13.4"
Crochet Cotton size 30 32"X 13"
Fingering/baby weight yarn 107" X 43"
Sport weight yarn 122" X 46"
Worsted weight yarn 137.7 X 51.5"

Sisters and Chocolate........
Crochet Cotton size 5 40" X 43"
Crochet Cotton size 10 31" X 34"
Crochet Cotton size 20 32" X 33"
Crochet Cotton size 30 13" X 31"
Fingering/baby weight yarn 101" X 98"
Sport weight yarn 122" X 46"
Worsted weight yarn 130" X 125"

Baby Patterns - Filet Crochet Choose a FREE Pattern

Friday, January 16, 2009

Knitters find themselves to be considered savers and experienced savers at that. If you’re like me, you check out every sale and every store scouting out the best prices and the newest colors and yarns available. We’ll make our purchase, leave that particular check-out and go back through just to be able to use two coupons at the same store! Have you seen some of the new yarns today? Have you felt them? The textures are to die for!

Ok, you find all those wonderful fibers at wonderful prices. The typical knitter buys their stash and then takes it home and stores it someplace. It’s a game we all play but shouldn’t. We should dig that stash out and use it! What are we saving it for? Ok, maybe you’ve stashed it away so good, you can’t find it. Hey, and then when you DO find it, is a wonderful surprise!

Ok, you found your stash. Now what? Feel it, squeeze it, smell it. Dream about what you can create with it. What would that particular yarn be best used for? Wait, did you buy enough? That’s a problem sometimes, too, so take that into consideration. Don’t think too hard about it or you’ll be putting that yarn right back where you found it…..unused! Just think, if you’d use it, you can go buy more!

Have you ever taken that skein of yarn and after squeezing it and smelling it, decided what you want to make with it, finding out you don’t have quite enough; don’t dispare! Many yarns can be combined with other yarns of the same thickness or need the same type of care. Don’t forget that yarns you use need the same care when combined with other yarns to keep your garment or project easy to clean and care for. Let your imagination fly. Different yarns can create stripes or maybe contrasting cuffs or bands.

Don’t hang on to your yarns too long. They can deteriorate and even get moldy if not properly stored. And some yarns do get outdated in they’r look. Remember trendy yarns come and go.

We don’t know what yarns are coming up in the next season so use that yarn and enjoy your project now. It’s most certain that newer yarns and textures will come along and that their place so get it out and use it.

Another thing that dates a yarn, is it’s color or color combination. If you ever get to see a manufacturers sample card take a close look at the colors that are featured first or as their “new” colors and their combinations. What colors are placed together? They have already figured it out for you as to what colors go well together. I always like to use colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. Check that out.

There are some classic yarns and yarn types that’ll always be “in style” for common projects like afghans but remember home d├ęcor changes, too. But don’t forget that older yarns don’t make a great fashion statement. Use that yarn before you find yourself sitting for that yarn and/or color to make a comeback. Then was that such a good bargain?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Chain Stitch for Crochet Afghans

Hobbies: There is a World Beyond the Chain Stitch for Crochet Afghans

(Wed Dec 31st, 2008, by Jack Logan)

True crafters get bored with what they know so they try new things that brings us new patterns and peaks our creativity. We learn so much from crocheters who “try new things” or see if “they can copy” that pattern we get new ideas for our own projects.

The chain stitch is the most basic stitch in crocheting. But a combination or variation of this basic stitch can turn into some fabulous designs. So it heeds us to take stock and learn new stitches so we can create our own masterpieces.

Advanced stitches are what teachers of crochet call, well, advanced stitches. But actually they’re just a combination of the basic chain stitch. Its how you use them and in what order you use them that makes them advanced.

If you’re following a pattern just keep following until you get it down but if you’re creating you own stitch, now that’s a little harder. I found when I create my own designs or new stitches if I have a video camera over my shoulder I can see where I made any mistakes or see how I created the stitch—in case I don’t remember.

Everybody, even beginners can make their own stitches or own designs. What one person considers advanced may be the beginnings for another. So don’t be scared of trying new stitches or designs.>BR>

Some other stitches that can be made into other (advanced) stitches are the double treble, hairpin lace, crochet cables, filet crochet, afghan stitch, bullion bauble stitch and the tulip. Scary, isn’t it? But don’t worry they’re all combinations of the basic stitch. And if you can do the basic stitch you can do the advanced stitches.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Knit Crochet Needlework Just Have Fun!

Please check out the archived patterns for filet crochet along the right side of my blog. There are several to choose from along with a FREE bunny baby afghan pattern. These are filet crochet patterns.

Here's an article I thought very interesting and everyone may enjoy. Please visit the web site if you're interesed in reading more articles or come back here often to read more.

Crochet Supplies: Do You Have Everything You Need? by: Terry Roberts

There are many supplies used when crocheting and the specific kinds depend solely on the type of patterns used. There are many basic items that beginners need but when using more complicated patterns and designs it can be essential to expand on the crochet supplies used. Yarn and a crochet hook are the most basic supplies but also used are knitting needles and a wide variety of yarn types amongst other items. More than one hook and needle set is needed as they can be left in an unfinished part of the crocheted item while another area is concentrated on. Patterns are a necessary part of the process, especially for beginners or if the person is creating something for the first time.

Anyone learning how to crochet may also need supplies of books or magazines full of tips and patterns. Depending on the type of pattern, other crochet supplies may be needed such as ribbon or lace. Ribbon can be run through certain areas of a crocheted design and lace can be a necessary addition to many designs. When making clothes, materials that can be layered under the yarn may be an important part of your crochet supplies. Sewing needles, threads, beads, sequins and other accessories can all form part of a crochet supply box as they can add decoration to a crocheted piece. There is so much that can be done with crocheted materials that the lists of possible crochet supplies are enormous.

Crochet Yarn Supplies

One of the most significant parts of crocheting is the types of yarns used. There are a huge number of different yarns used for crocheting; the texture and thickness of the yarn is most important. Yarn can have a lot of variations: some are thick, others are thin; yarn can be soft, fluffy, hard and come from many different animals. Yarn can be either natural or synthetic and the five basic types are baby/fingering, sport/baby, worsted weight, chunky and bulky - and they all have different uses.

Fingering weight is mainly used for light items such as socks. Sports weight is heavier and used for items like sweaters. Worsted weight is for much heavier and warmer items. Chunky and bulky are used for very heavy and warm items. Some of the most popular fibers used in yarns include acrylic, alpaca, camel hair, cashmere, chenille, lambs wool, mohair and even silk. The types of yarn depend on the item of clothing and the pattern used. So, as you can see, you’ll need to get yourself a big box to keep all the crochet supplies you’re going to need!

About The Author
Terry Roberts is a professional translator and linguist, with a wide range of interests. To read more about chocolate, please visit his website: http://www.crochetfornovices.com/ more articles can be found at http://www.articlecity.com/