Sunday, March 16, 2008

FREE Crochet Afghan Bunny Pattern

Here's your free pattern! I am not very computer literate so I hope you're able to print this out at a decent size for you. There's really no need for any written instructions if you are familiar with crocheting. I do have the instructions written out but when I scanned them, they came out as a pd file which I can send you via email but can't figure out how to attach it here. So just let me know if you want the printed instructions.

Thank you for viewing. Don't forget to check out all my patterns in the archives.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Fiber Arts

These are two silk ties I made when I was doing silk painting.
The next photo is silk painted photo frame. I used a technique which I demonstrated on Aileen's Creative Living back in about 1998 or so. I used one of her glues as my gutta, which creates a fence so when you paint the silk, the paint doesn't flow outside the glue line. When I demonstrated this on TV, I used wood but this technique works well on most anything. I used very thinned out acrylic paint as I didn't need to keep the soft flow of the silk. Make sure you enlarge these photos by clicking on them to see a better view.

This one is called tapestry crochet which can be found and/or seen on
I used wool ease but it turned out quite soft and won't hold it's shape very well. I would recommend a smaller hook than a F, which is what I used. Wool Ease has wonderful color choices but if you check the web site, she also recommends size 3 crochet thread. You can find some nice colors in that thread, too, but all I could find were pastels. Then I believe you use a steel hook size 1. If you love felting, this technique is wonderful for felting also. Check the web site. I plan to create some of my own designs and will post them when I do.

I have anoter basket I crocheted but it's not quite ready for a photo yet.

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